Times of India - Indias #1 Product Catalog

Like most lazy weekend mornings, I absentmindedly picked up a newspaper and settled down in my favourite spot on the sofa with my cup of tea. Turns out, I had the Times of India in my hand. Immediately I realised, the Times has transcended its role as India's #1 Daily - this Diwali onwards, it is India's #1 Daily Product Catalog too! Headlines are history, its all about full page ads. Yes, thats what we need every morning.

For over a year, Times of India had been trying to find its identity - "Am I a daily? Am I a catalog?" - and we readers suffered all the more for it with half-ad, half-news pages.

What the hell is this? Neither ad nor news...

This Diwali, the Times has finally found its identity. Congratulations! *sheds a happy tear*

The cover page... Gimme more!


Pages 4-5...Another awesome ad, what'll it be next? I'm tingling with excitement!



Stay true to your identity Times of India. I want more ads - only 8 pages of ads wont do! I want to flip through the 'newspaper' admiring the colours, the shiny products and awesome offers. Ah well, maybe by next Diwali you'll be comfortable with your new role.