Migrating to Capture One Pro

In the time since I penned Goodbye Lightroom, I first evaluated and then started to use Capture One Pro in a somewhat prolonged migration from Lightroom to Capture One. During this transition I made notes covering Capture One’s strengths, decisions I had to make to move my photographs from Lightroom’s library to Capture One’s catalog. My hope with the notes was they’d be a good source of information for others like me who want to switch away from Lightroom.

Having drafted those notes into a post and almost hitting publish I realized they would be far more useful on a platform such as Photograhy Life. That post now sits here.

Goodbye Lightroom?

Lightroom 6, the last free-of-subscription version, was released in early 2015, over two and half years ago. Its age shows and an update to it has been long overdue. An update came earlier this month, but not one I was hoping for.

Lightroom 6 is discontinued. Its successors are Lightroom CC and Lightroom Classic CC. Neither is offered as a standalone version, which is something I prefer for a number of reasons. So naturally, my first instinct was to stick with Lightroom 6 for the next year or more. After all, what ain't broken need no fixing. But upon further thinking, this option doesn't seem too feasible.

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Times of India - Indias #1 Product Catalog

Like most lazy weekend mornings, I absentmindedly picked up a newspaper and settled down in my favourite spot on the sofa with my cup of tea. Turns out, I had the Times of India in my hand. Immediately I realised, the Times has transcended its role as India's #1 Daily - this Diwali onwards, it is India's #1 Daily Product Catalog too! Headlines are history, its all about full page ads. Yes, thats what we need every morning.

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Who is a Real Programmer?

I read this essay the first time several years back and bookmarked it immediately. However, like all bookmarks, I forgot all about it. Recently while killing time online, I found a link to it and re-read it; the essay is still as funny as it was the first time. So obviously it warrants a better bookmark. It includes gems like:

Unix is a lot more complicated of course -- the typical Unix hacker never can remember what the PRINT command is called this week -- but when it gets right down to it, Unix is a glorified video game. People don't do Serious Work on Unix systems: they send jokes around the world on USENET and write adventure games and research papers.


One of my favorite Real Programmers was a systems programmer for Texas Instruments. One day, he got a long distance call from a user whose system had crashed in the middle of some important work. Jim was able to repair the damage over the phone, getting the user to toggle in disk I/O instructions at the front panel, repairing system tables in hex, reading register contents back over the phone. The moral of this story: while a Real Programmer usually includes a keypunch and lineprinter in his toolkit, he can get along with just a front panel and a telephone in emergencies.


There are several Real Programmers building video games at Atari, for example. (But not playing them. A Real Programmer knows how to beat the machine every time: no challange in that.)


The Real Programmer is capable of working 30, 40, even 50 hours at a stretch, under intense pressure. In fact, he prefers it that way. Bad response time doesn't bother the Real Programmer -- it gives him a chance to catch a little sleep between compiles.

The whole essay basically is an endless collection of punchlines. A great read, highly recommended!

Nokia Lumia 920 - Thoughts

It has been three months now with the Lumia. Its been an interesting device to own, not the least because its always a fun journey to make with a new fledgling ecosystem - an underdog really - that has just started to spread its wings. The phone and the OS both are head turners. I'm pretty much the only person I know to own a Lumia(or a WP device for that matter) so always stand out of the crowd when it comes to the phone. More than a few people have asked me about it - how good is the phone? is the camera better than the one in the iPhone or S3? Windows Phone looks great, but does it have enough apps? is it stable? My answer is usually a Yes to these all. The hardware is absolutely brilliant - there are a few reviewers out there who crib about the Lumias 'plastic' body; I don't agree the Lumia plastic is in a different league when compared to the Galaxy plastic. Pick them both up, feel the phones and you'll see what I mean.

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The Nokia Lumia 920 - two months on

Now close to two months on and the Lumia is still going strong. My honeymoon period with it is not yet over; there are a few challenges, but as of now the freshness of the WP8 weighs the scales to the positive quite comfortably. Things look up at the moment, with rumors of as many as 3 updates from Microsoft (and also to a lesser extent Nokia) this year. As in my last post, I ll simply be categorizing my notes - I ll keep the headers the same. If any point that I noted the last time has changed or if the situation that led me to make such a note has changed, I ll include them here with comments. The old observation is within quotes.

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Nokia Lumia 920 & Windows Phone 8

Its been a week since I jumped on to the Windows Phone bandwagon, with the Nokia Lumia 920. Windows Phone 8 and the Lumia complement each other perfectly -  the OS has zero skeumorphism and a slick minimalist UI while the phone itself is a thing of beauty. The body of the Lumia reminds me of the monolith from 2001: A Space Odyssey, a seamless black slab which feels indestructible in the hand. Walk into a store, pick it up, feel its heft in your hand, look at the way the screen curves into the body and you'll know what I mean.

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Samsung Galaxy S III - Initial thoughts

Samsung announced the Galaxy S III on 3rd May amid fanfare great and in the face of rabid speculation from all. Like several others, I was hooked on to several liveblogs which were covering the event as it unfolded. My first thought at the time was, the entire event was very Apple-esque in its content, structure and scope - which is a good thing. By the time the event ended however, I was left slightly underwhelmed by Samsungs new flagship device. The Galaxy S III goes back to the design style of the first Galaxy S, with smooth curves, more rounded corners and a chrome ring around the front face. It is a quite good-looking phone, managing to look new while bringing the curves back.

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Interesting Case Study - Duplicate Invoices in SAP SD

I work for SAP Labs and every once in a while get great problems to work on with our customers. One such customer recently had come to us asking for a root cause and solution to an intriguing problem they faced in their production SAP ECC system. I blog about it to highlight some of the very interesting issues that arise in a large SAP installation due to various reasons - end-user behavior, slow performance and deep technical issues.

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